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When Asked, Do You Think The Majority Of Women Say Their Love Life Could Be Better?

Do you think your love life could be better? Do you know what your lover is REALLY thinking?

She MIGHT be happy with you, but she might also be disappointed with you sexually and hoping for something more in her sex life.

In fact every year, there must be thousands of couples who go through relationship concerns and worries due to an unsatisfactory sex life.

However you don’t need to worry yourself because we have some tips for you!

When asked, most men would probably admit that they want to become a superior lover and give the women in their lives amazing, dynamite like sex. Who wouldn’t?

The danger is this… if you perform poorly in bed, your partner could misinterpret your poor abilities down to the lack of desire on your part, no matter how sexy they really are.

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Some things you can do to assist your own sexual health:

Maintain a varied and nutritious diet: A lot of your day to day sexual function is fed by the nutrition that you eat. So eat healthily and keep your nutritional content varied.
Use penis exercises to help increase your erection size and strength: Penis exercise can be found on PenisHealth™ when you order today.
Communicate with your lover: Talking about your sex lives and what you want and need is important for satisfactory and memorable sex.

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Why Is Zinc So Important To Your Sexual Health?

Zinc is a well known ingredient and is just a small part of Performer5™ but it is important!

Zinc has been proven in numerous studies to help the male function by raising testosterone and improving sperm production.

IN FACT… according to a study by the USDA, the better the source of ZINC, the better the results. During their study, candidates semen volumes dropped by over 30% when their zinc intake was reduced.

Dr. S.K. Mahajan reported that the testosterone levels of men rise dramatically with zinc supplementation.
Dr. H.G. Kynaston showed in a clinical study published in the medical journal Andrologia, that infertile men who were given zinc supplements for four to eight weeks produced more sperm.
As reported in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, Dr. U. Mehta showed in clinical tests sperm-producing organs of animals shrank dramatically when the animals were fed diets that were lacking in zinc.

And the best thing is… Performer5™ has enough Zinc to sink a battleship!

And in addition to this Zinc, Performer5™ also includes 12 other heavy hitting ingredients, which are real “who’s who” of the male supplement world:

Zinc (as Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate)
DL-Malic Acid
Beta Glucans 20%
Creatine Monohydrate

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